Director's Message
Prof. Ashwini Kumar Nangia
CSIR National Chemical Laboratory, Pune

One of the current missions of CSIR is mass deployment of technologies already developed at its laboratories for the benefit of society and country. In this direction, NCL is in the process of identifying such technologies which were developed in the last few years and with further initiatives with local industry and people, the technology can provide solutions to human welfare. Another objective is the creation of scientific temper and deductive thinking approach in students and youngsters (and even adults).

With this objective the current web site content launched on Technology Day 11th May 2016 marks a new link of NCL scientists with people and society.

Another interesting feature of the web content is Q&A. School and college students often wonder what scientists do and how their work will change our lives. This newly created site is aimed to attract young students, non-scientists and common people to interact with scientists and understand how their technology works. The products displayed in the link pages will be launched in Pune in the coming months. I am sure you will like to go through these contents and will send us helpful comments that will bring Scientists and Society together. This site will hopefully initiate a new dialogue. Keep reading and we will be glad to hear from you.